Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple? Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, Turkey’s stunning Gobekli Tepe upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization

Hintergrund: Eine Bestätigung für Graham Hancocks Theorie? In seinem bereits 2015 erschienenen Buch “Magicians of the Gods” führt der Journalist, Autor und Alternativ-Historiker Graham Hancock seine Theorie von einer global wirkenden Hochzivilisation aus, die durch einen gewaltigen Kometeneinschlag vor 12-13.000 Jahren ausgelöscht wurde.

Gobekli Tepe is an ancient site in Turkey which puts into question the age of mankind. With carbon dating at 12,000 years old, it may be a clue to the lost civilization of Atlantis. With carbon dating at 12,000 years old, it may be a clue to the lost civilization of Atlantis.

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22.03.2018 · By request. I give my theory or hypothesis as to why Gobekli Tepe was mysteriously buried 10,000 years ago.based on just some of the best evidence I could find. Included..Derinkuyu and the

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11.04.2014 · 11,500 year old man-made structures discovered in Turkey.

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A Description of The Göbekli Tepe Site

Gobekli Tepe Login or Register in order to comment. Comments. Kristian wrote on 8 January, 2017 – 15:01 Permalink. That we had a great global flood is evident from the fact it is mentioned across +50 ancient cultures spanning all continents. Also from clear geological evidence such as water erosion on the Sphinx and many other such erosion marks across the world dating from around that time

What makes Gobeklitepe unique in its class is the date it was built, which is roughly twelve thousand years ago, circa 10,000 BC. Archaeologically categorised as a site of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Period (c. 9600–7300 BC) Göbeklitepe is a series of mainly circular and oval-shaped structures set

Göbekli Tepe, Neolithic site near Şanlıurfa in southeastern Turkey. The site, believed to have been a sanctuary of ritual significance, is marked by layers of carved megaliths and is estimated to date to the 9th–10th millennium bce .


26.07.2018 · Gobekli Tepe had been on the so-called Tentative List for five years before the decision was taken at the 42nd #UNESCO World Heritage List Committee meeting in

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11.06.2009 · Gobekli Tepe is around 10-12k years old. It is one of the Oldest Known man made settlements which appear to have temples and offer Sky Burials. Some of the craftsmanship are just amazing to see

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Göbekli Tepe è un prodigio della preistoria e, al contempo, fonte di sempre nuove conoscenze. Non dimostra soltanto che i nostri antenati erano in grado, già 12.000 anni fa, di costruire santuari di pietra di tutto rispetto, ma rivaluta anche la figura del cacciatore seminomade di per sé, che solitamente viene considerata inferiore a quella del più tardo agricoltore sedentario, molto più

16.05.2017 · Michael Shermer, Graham Hancock, and Randall Carlson discuss Göbekli Tepe. Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #961.

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13.01.2018 · Astronomical evidence uncovered from Göbekli Tepe, the archelogical site where numerous stone circles were discovered. Various experts give their opinions on the find. Compiled for educational

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23.11.2015 · An ancient extinction event that wiped out Atlantis more advanced societies 12,000 years ago is illuminated with author Graham Hancock. From the megalithic structures at

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Stone circles of Göbekli Tepe (Google Maps). In southern Turkey, just north of the border with Syria, are three megalithic stone circles several thousand years older than the “first” stone circle built at Stonehenge. Strangely, these ancient stone circles were built by a hunter-gatherer

Gobekli Tepe shared a link. January 13 at 5:18 PM · Göbekli Tepe in Turkey is one of the most puzzling archaeological finds of all time and even pre-dates the Egyptian pyramids.

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Human Hybrids

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“This impressive partnership between the Sahenk Initiative and the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is sure to shed new light on Gobekli Tepe’s historical significance—not only for

Gobekli Tepe Archaeology Site Story I received a tip off more than a month ago from the Hobotraveler’s Indian techie, Andrew, that I should write a story about the Gobekli Tepe archaeology site in the southeast of Turkey. Since then, I made contact with the German Archaeology Institute, who is excavating the site, and

On a hill known as Göbekli Tepe (“Potbelly Hill”) in southeastern Turkey, excavations led by Klaus Schmidt uncovered several large megalithic enclosures that date between 10,000 and 8000 B.C.E., the dawn of civilization and the Neolithic age. Each of these circular enclosures, which many have described as Turkey’s “Stonehenge,” consists of 10 to 12 massive stone pillars surrounding

Skull fragments with carved long, deliberate lines found at Gobekli Tepe. by Bob Yirka , Phys.org A pillar from Building D at Göbekli Tepe seen from the southeast. Credit: German Archaeological

A Global Aboriginal Australian Culture? The Proof at Göbekli Tepe (Originally published in New Dawn Magazine, July 2017) By BRUCE FENTON Scientists and

Der mit 15 m Schichtmächtigkeit gewaltige, rein steinzeitliche Siedlungshügel von Göbekli Tepe (‚Hügel mit Nabel‘) bei Urfa wird seit 1995 gemeinsam mit dem Museum Şanlıurfa ergraben.

Gobekli Tepe. 3.8K likes. The latest news, articles, and discoveries concerning Gobekli Tepe. Not a tourist info source.

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Click on to enlarge the photographs. These Gobeklitepe photos were taken over a period of time. We will add more Gobeklitepe photos here as they become available.

05.05.2016 · Losing your head at Göbekli Tepe 05/05/2016 08/01/2016 / Oliver Just back from this year´s ICAANE in Vienna, where a very inspiring workshop on the “Iconography and Symbolic Meaning of the Human in Near Eastern Prehistory” was organized by Jörg

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„Wow,“ exclaims the visitor from New Zealand, a place, after all, with a human history shorter than most. For from a wooden walkway we’re gazing down at an archaeological site of giddying age.

Man nimmt an, dass gerade ein solches Bauprojekt in der Gegend einen Anstoß für den Ackerbau gegeben hätten. Es gibt aber noch keine Anzeichen, dass dieser während des Baus auch

We can compare the Gobekli symbols to those made thousands of years prior and find the same result. Coupling these comparisons with the historic timeline of Duncan-Enzmann supports a conclusion that the ancestors of the Picts made them, and so it would be they that built Gobekli Tepe Observatory. It is aligned for observation, and the holes in

Ancient Aliens – Unerklärliche Phänomene (Originaltitel: Ancient Aliens, Alternativtitel: Ancient Aliens – Neue Erkenntnisse) ist eine US-amerikanische Dokumentarreihe, die sich mit Theorien der Prä-Astronautik befasst und seit 2009 produziert wird. In den USA lief die 100. Folge am 4. September 2015 und in Deutschland am 21. Dezember. Am 31. Mai 2019 startete in den USA die

In southern Turkey there is another famous mysterious place. Gobekli Tepe is one of the oldest ancient megalithic temples on our planet. There, intricate massive stone pillars arranged into a set of rings stand tall and proud telling a millennium – old story when different civilizations ruled the over the planet.

Gobekli Tepe, the 12,000 year old earliest known archaeological origin of human civilization based on the stars above.

The Amarakosha, an early Sanskrit lexicon, lists eight synonyms of Ganesha: Vinayaka, Vighnarāja (equivalent to Vighnesha), Dvaimātura (one who has two mothers), Gaṇādhipa (equivalent to Ganapati and Ganesha), Ekadanta (one who has one tusk), Heramba, Lambodara (one who has a pot belly, or, literally, one who has a hanging belly), and Gajanana (gajānana); having the face of an elephant.

Prehistoric Construction Techniques. The earliest examples of stone masonry in both the ‚Old‘ and ‚New‘ worlds demonstrates a high skill level, something which is often suggested as being a result of the existing knowledge of carpentry at the transition in working from wood to stone.

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They are represented by the thirteenth astrological sign, the Serpent Bearer. Their work and brand can be seen around the globe in pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punku, Anghor Wat, Mayan pyramids and even in Antarctica (previously called Atlantis when it was positioned between the Americas and Africa).

Οι ερευνητές εξέτασαν προηγούμενα ευρήματα από μια μελέτη των γλυπτών σε πέτρες σε ένα από αυτά τα σημεία – το Gobekli Tepe στη σύγχρονη Τουρκία – το οποίο ερμηνεύεται ως μνημείο για μια

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Buried by the Ash of Vesuvius, These Scrolls Are Being Read for the First Time in Millennia A revolutionary American scientist is using subatomic physics to decipher 2,000-year-old texts from the

The meaning of the term civilization has changed several times during its history, and even today it is used in several ways. It is commonly used to describe human societies „with a high level of cultural and technological development“, as opposed to what many consider to be less „advanced“ societies.

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Gobekli Tepe, the 12,000 year old earliest known archaeological origin of human civilization based on the stars above.

Maybe. Gobekli Tepe is turning out to be very surprising, and it’s only 10% uncovered. There may be even more paradigm shifting things in that rubble. I’d treat your thesis as theory for now and wait to see what we’ll dig up. Not saying you are wrong at all, but big things are afoot in religo-paleontology

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Gobekli Tepe, Urfa, Turkey The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual – for it is in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost. M. Scott Peck (1936-2005) US American psychiatrist, psychotherapist, People of the Lie.

This presentation will look at some out of place things discovered at megalithic sites, including polygonal walls, Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, spheres and the De. Advanced Ancient Technology Something Has Been Discovered That Hardly Anyone is Talking About

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